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Laurence McCrary is a 1995 (M.B.A.) graduate of the University of Alabama. Laurence resides in Mooresville, AL with his wife and three children.

Laurence’s goal with the Crimson Country Club is to give selected University of Alabama fans an online outlet for quality discussion and comradery. With so many websites and message boards out there unable to turn away troublemakers or rival fans, the Crimson Country Club will only have members that have the utmost respect for the University of Alabama. If you have any questions about the Crimson Country Club, do not hesitate to contact Laurence by email.


If you are ready for a superior online fan experience, please click here for a Club Application (please remember, to be accepted into the Crimson Country Club, you must be referred by a current member).

Current Members: Refer-A-Friend Page


C.C.C. Mission Statement

To create the premiere online destination for University of Alabama fans by promoting the best sports discussion on the Internet and providing an environment for building life long relationships through networking and socializing.

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